Small Animal Services

We offer a full vet service with all five vets interested in what are termed small animals. All surgical operations take place at Broughton with the majority being handled as day patients. We will deal with 99% of cases ourselves with extremely difficult medical

or surgical cases being referred to the appropriate specialist centres when necessary.

With a high-quality facility at Broughton, it is possible for us to carry out our own laboratory work for diagnosis using blood samples for example as well as take and produce x-rays. Ultrasounds can also be carried out on site, most commonly to check pregnancy progression in bitches.

If required samples for further lab tests and histopathology services are submitted to an external private laboratory we work closely with.

dog looking under gate


Dogs & Cats are eating more and more convenience diets, leading to teeth problems as they age. As a result of this, we have seen an increase in the number of cases requiring our assistance. Using our in-house facilities we are able to use ultrasonic scaling and polishing to treat pets followed up by checks to help maintain a healthy mouth. We would always advise that it is best to do preventative dental work before it becomes too bad and are happy to offer advice on how best to maintain clean healthy teeth & gums.

Our clients have access to 24-hour emergency consultations and treatment.


Contact Us

Veterinary advice and assistance are available 24 hours a day. During office hours, please contact the surgery.

Outside of these hours please continue to call 01229 716230 to speak to a receptionist.

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